Urge of solving all problem at once, and that's the main problem.
2 New apps added to Tools Repo
Your brain can’t process billions of pieces from sensory inputs. “Reticular Activating System” is a filter that selectively allows certain information…
How to multitask without hurting your performance?
The optimal number of apps you need to be highly productive and efficient.
Hello friends, I came across this article when I am dusting my collections. This was published approximately 10 years before. I thought you'll be…
See more of your notes connection while editing one.

February 2023

3 new tools to make your digital workflow better.
Psychology of wishing/using an "ideal" tool for everything
Blend of Notion (UX) and Roam/Logseq (Back-linking & Graph-view)
Fighting Plagiarism with A.I. against A.I. generated content.
Neuroscience backed app that helps you to carry your mood